The dress with the stains


She likes it that way
The town on the opposite shore
She goes there because of her own project:

Every day at five, I will go to that town

Two red circles on the cheeks
Two big eyes
Watery and unavoidable:
From time to time he would be scared from that unavoidable look
(you can t lose me, I am here even if you ignore me, you can never
lose me
Because I don t want that
Because I have decided you not to lose me ever)
One happy girl balancing on a concrete wall- that could almost be
my own memory
You will yet to become in the past
In a wavering, water sculpture
Of auto- fiction
A highway through the dancing sand
The granular photographic content
The warm lips and
The cold lips
Painlessly crushed
On the edge of   two-dimensionality
(There was a wood, and the leaves swallowed the town. We entered  last into the cinema hall.
The screen was flickering  like a fridge
at night
or when there is no light)
She believes her headache – tomorrow will snow, on the screen
(they are running towards the dotted light, holding hands. They have lost themselves in a city-park.
They have lost stupidly.
She looks like a girl who works in a factory.
She does not work in a factory.   
She doesn’t  work anywhere)