Beverley Bie Brahic


Bev­er­ley Bie Brahic’s col­lec­tion, White Sheets, was short­list­ed for the 2012 For­ward Prize; Hunt­ing the Boar (2016) is a Poet­ry Book Soci­ety Rec­om­men­da­tion, and her trans­la­tion, Guil­laume Apol­li­naire, The Lit­tle Auto, won the 2013 Scott Mon­crieff Prize.

She has also trans­lat­ed Fran­cis Ponge, Yves Bon­nefoy, Hélène Cixous and Jacques Der­ri­da. A Cana­di­an, she lives in Paris and Palo Alto, California.

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