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Rossella Pompeo is a poe­tess and wri­ter who lives in Rome and col­la­bo­rates with seve­ral publi­shing houses. Since her child­hood, she was inter­es­ted in french culture having been brought up by her mother toge­ther with a half english and half french father, from whom she inhe­ri­ted her pas­sion for the French lan­guage. So she has spent most of her sum­mer vaca­tions and Christmas time in Amiens in nor­thern France and Brighton.

Graduating from Rome’s University "La Sapienza”, she stu­died at “Université Libre de Bruxelles” and also achie­ved a mas­ters degree in film script and direc­tion at the “Libera Università del Cinema” of Rome.

She has publi­shed three col­lec­tions of poems : “The things behind the wall", (Manni, 2006), “Gentle noise”, (Prospettiva, 2008) and “Silent wai­tings”. In 2009 she was a fina­list in the Jacquès Prévert prize, and with her col­lec­tion of short sto­ries : “Rome is like Asmara” (Zona, 2009) was selec­ted by RCS Libri as best debu­tant wri­ter. During her stu­dy of direc­tion she dra­ma­ti­zed and direc­ted the short film : "Ancient hands", which was taken from her short sto­ry of the same name in the col­lec­tion : "Rome is like Asmara", during which time she met the direc­tor Bogdan Dreyer Dumitresku who asked to her to edit the poe­tic adap­ta­tion and the film script trans­la­tion from Italian to French of his for­th­co­ming movie with Gérard Depardieu and Harvey Keitel.

Living in San Lorenzo's dis­trict, Rossella has felt in 2010 the neces­si­ty to do some­thing for people, above all stu­dents, who live there to oppose the increa­sing dete­rio­ra­tion. So, she has concei­ved and orga­ni­zed the thea­tri­cal work­shop : "The body on stage", the aim of which was to pro­vide the stu­dents with a key to search for their real self through a new know­ledge of their body with the help of bioe­ner­ge­tics and poe­try.

In 2013 she has concei­ved and orga­ni­zed the poe­ti­cal work­shop : "Poetry like a street to the Volturno cross­road" http://​vol​tur​no​.noblogs​.org/​l​a​b​o​r​a​t​o​ri/.


For fur­ther infor­ma­tion and to find out more about her new works of art visit her blog at :

http://​ros​sel​la​pom​peo​.word​press​.com/ .