Abdulrahman Almajedi

Was born in Baghdad in 1965. He studied Russian literature and worked as a translator at the Children’s Cultural Institution until 1992 when he fled to Syria. He worked as a journalist and a cultural editor in various Iraqi Newspapers where his poems also appeared.

In addition to publishing three poetry collections in Arabic: “Kingdoms For Perplexed Tomorrow” in 2002, “The Meaning In The Footnote” in 2005 and “Alphabetical Wars“ in 2012, he translated an anthology of children’s poetry “Dromen” into Arabic from the Dutch in 2009.

He won the award given by the Institution of Poetic Migration in Amsterdam in 1997. And won Dunya’s award of poetry in Rotterdam in 1998.

His poetry has been translated into the Dutch, English, German, French, Farsi, Italian and Spanish languages.

He currently lives in Holland and works as a deputy editor for the Electronic Newspaper Elaph.  

Poèmes choisis