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Abdulrahman Almajedi


Was born in Baghdad in 1965. He stu­died Russian lite­ra­ture and wor­ked as a trans­la­tor at the Children’s Cultural Institution until 1992 when he fled to Syria. He wor­ked as a jour­na­list and a cultu­ral edi­tor in various Iraqi Newspapers where his poems also appeared.

In addi­tion to publi­shing three poe­try col­lec­tions in Arabic : “Kingdoms For Perplexed Tomorrow” in 2002, “The Meaning In The Footnote” in 2005 and “Alphabetical Wars“ in 2012, he trans­la­ted an antho­lo­gy of children’s poe­try “Dromen” into Arabic from the Dutch in 2009.

He won the award given by the Institution of Poetic Migration in Amsterdam in 1997. And won Dunya’s award of poe­try in Rotterdam in 1998.

His poe­try has been trans­la­ted into the Dutch, English, German, French, Farsi, Italian and Spanish languages.

He cur­rent­ly lives in Holland and works as a depu­ty edi­tor for the Electronic Newspaper Elaph. 

Abdulrahman Almajedi
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