> Adrian Grafe, STOLEN TIME

Adrian Grafe, STOLEN TIME



She stole my car she stole my mind
She drove me mad she drove me blind
She took my love she took my youth
Now what use is this sto­len time

She even tried to steal my death
All out of breath I lost my way
She took my seed she shook my soul
All the hours we sha­red she stole

The life she led the good she spoilt
She led a sto­len life of crime
She broke my health I licked her sores
I paid the cost she paid me back

She ope­ned doors but ope­ned wounds
She cal­cu­la­ted all the time
She won my trust then wrote me off
Loss was the only thing I found

You held me back you tied me down
I loved you but I won’t steal you back
You rode the storm you bar­red the rhyme
You stole my stars you stole my time

Présentation de l’auteur

Adrian Grafe

Adrian Grafe est né en Angleterre, où il a gran­di. Diplôme d’Oxford. Auteur de mono­gra­phies de Hopkins et d’Emily Dickinson et direc­teur ou co-direc­­teur de plu­sieurs ouvrages consa­crés à la poé­sie anglaise moderne. A publié quelques poèmes dans des revues et a diri­gé le dos­sier Hopkins de NUNC (juin 2012). Collabore à la chro­nique des livres des Etvdes pour la lit­té­ra­ture anglaise et co-dirige, avec Emily Taylor Merriman, la chro­nique des livres du Hopkins Quarterly (Philadelphie). Il enseigne la poé­sie et la lit­té­ra­ture anglo­phone, ain­si que la tra­duc­tion, à l’université d’Artois. Il vit à Paris.


Adrian Grafe was born and rai­sed in Oxfordshire and stu­died at Oxford University. He is the author of mono­graphs of Hopkins and Emily Dickinson, and has edi­ted or co-edi­­ted seve­ral volumes of essays on modern British poe­try. He has publi­shed poems in small maga­zines and edi­ted the Hopkins dos­sier of NUNC (June 2012). He is a contri­bu­tor on English lite­ra­ture to the Book Reviews sec­tion of the Etvdes and co-edits with Emily Taylor Merriman the Book Reviews sec­tion of the Hopkins Quarterly (Philadelphia). He was named a Fellow of the English Association (GB) in 2011 and appoin­ted a mem­ber of Pacific Coast Philology’s consul­ta­tive com­mit­tee in 2012. He teaches English-lan­­guage poe­try and lite­ra­ture, and trans­la­tion, at Université d’Artois and lives in Paris.


Adrian Grafe