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Aaron Shurin, SMOKE

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What did I say, what did it mean, rib­bons of ink — luxe spaw­ning — how did it work, did it work, what did he think — shield me — what did I want, what do I want, fli­cked it off — flux you — crad­led his head in the ebb of a smooth pia­no run — what was the mood — sleep — an inver­sion of talk — grin­ding away at the air — cham­be­red glances or no glances stal­led in the half-light — who did it favor, who did it shat­ter — wal­led up in his hoo­die and jeans — the skim­py blan­kets, the skim­py tis­sue of night, waking and waking, how many times in the no-light, the one more night, the one night… 

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Aaron Shurin

« Poet and essayist Aaron Shurin was born in Manhattan and grew up there, in eas­tern Texas, and in Los Angeles. He ear­ned a BA at the University of California, Berkeley, where he stu­died with poet Denise Levertov, and an MA in poe­tics at the New College of California. Influenced by Robert Duncan and Frank O’Hara, Shurin com­poses lyric poems that explore themes of sexua­li­ty and loss… »  Read more

Biography source : http://​www​.poe​try​foun​da​tion​.org/​b​i​o​/​a​a​r​o​n​-​s​h​u​rin

Aaron Shurin

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