> Aaron Shurin, THE VIEW FROM HERE


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The view from here’s a novel­ty act, a spec­tral jam, an over­lap : in back of me the scou­red hil­ls release the stee­ly mist like top­soil, a peel of gray, a sha­dow grue… in front the aerial city lifts its box-tops to the esca­la­ting sun, a brim­ming pool of ore… light in flight… The view from here is stit­ched into my skin as if the hil­ls were mine, the stret­ching air mine, the tat­te­red pla­za my sta­ging ground and rising stage, the light my lif­ting eyes… How I got here : in a dream. Where I came from : a dream. How I wal­ked and how I tore into the bread and licked the gla­zed pots and stit­ched my skin into the men who car­ried me in to the view I made… an over­lap… a fold or two of what I knew and don’t yet know… a danzón in the square with you, you lead, I flow… How I thin­ned and how I grew my hair and clim­bed the alley­ways like a fugi­tive mule to see the view, and how it changes in the dan­cing rain, pris­ma­tic rush, a thun­der wheel, a splat­te­red tear, a train of sil­ver pools and where they flow… from here…