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Nana Fredua-Agyeman

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Nana Fredua-Agyeman is a wri­ter and an Agricultural Economist. He was born in Suhum, a small town about eigh­ty kilo­metres from Accra, Ghana. His wri­tings revolve around huma­ni­ty and its (in)humaneness.

Nana’s poems have appea­red in seve­ral poe­try maga­zines, antho­lo­gies, and lite­ra­ry sites inclu­ding Sentinel Nigeria, Tuck Magazine, Munyori, and the first Writers Project of Ghana’s antho­lo­gy, Look Where You Have Gone to Sit. His Haiku have been publi­shed in Frogpond, Acorn, The Heron Nest and at online e-zines such as sim​ply​hai​ku​.com and Shamrock Haiku Journal.