Ming Di

Mindy Zhang (pen name Ming Di) is a contemporary Chinese poet living in America, author of six poetry collections in Chinese: Etudes in D Minor, Days Floating on Footage, Berlin Story, Art of Splitting, Chords Breaking and Selected Poems of Ming Di. and one in English translation, River Merchant’s Wife (Marick Press/USA, 2012). She was born on the Yangtze River of China, went to graduate schools in Boston and settled in California. She edits Poetry East West, a bilingual journal published in Los Angeles and Beijing where she divides her time at present. She has also edited and co-translated New Cathay – Contemporary Chinese Poetry 1990-2012 (Tupelo Press/USA, 2013). As a translator, she has published two books of translation from English to Chinese, The Writer as Migrant and Missed Time (Linking Publishing/Taiwan, 2010, 2011) and two more books to be published by Shanghai Wenyi Press in China.