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the dis­po­si­tio­nal axis of thought breaks through paral­lel
worlds –fried sticks of onion in spi­ral sha­ping ser­ved cold

Thanks God it’s Friday–
it leaves dis­played all the cir­cum­stances in which it has been
invol­ved and caught in its fila­ment (fila­ment again or clue?)
it becomes inde­pendent•
the most inter­es­ting joke is this dis­tance bet­ween concep­tion
– contin­gen­cy that expands with ana­ly­tic bridges
o lud­wig lud­wig oh ooh oooh
that e x p a n d s ho ho ho

–sor­ry but what else can be done, this free besie­ged
ata­vis­tic mind– ooooooooo­mo­no­bloc!!!

hum­bug­ging for a coun­ter­point !

in a way pro­por­tio­nal those voids that say “full of sense”

–a sachet that flies and flies (American beau­ty)

or when control and rea­son were lost (genui­ne­ly only
without rea­son) –
that step onto invi­sible rules of the motif art

they do not exist but for their void itself
and their acous­tic oppo­site tone tous tous
within limits of a “pre-esta­bli­shed” har­mo­ny



The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪, O2 belong to poe­try col­lec­tion Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been publi­shed in Hellenica : Novelty Within or Beyond Language : Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens : Gavriilidis, 2009)