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cer­tain­ly, most cer­tain­ly, I have for­got­ten that friends and parents… no thing… no thing
they frame other friends and other parents and so on and so forth ;

come, come : the resol­ved ambi­gui­ties of the present
safe­guard against a mere­ly dra­ma­ti­zed incep­tion, is that not so ?


post­card 1 : breath­less woman incir­cled by damp gothic buil­dings,
2 : red skyyel­low hou­ses­black water 3. vio­la da gam­ba

while, in bor­der­line states you crave for all or nothing
you pre­fer to dis­cuss your­self and that

in the man­ner in which that will imi­tate both you and itself !

never­the­less, you can­not find an escape from ato­nal rea­li­ty
(a bosa­no­va sway for your brim­ming eyes)

with a redemp­tive rhythm : you will be woun­ded unless
you contri­bute to the highest art of the open ended

where you do not wish for the poem to come to an end
but for it to come as it goes in a per­pe­tual ending

to cir­cu­late as a holo­gram in your gar­den
gathe­ring den­drites from mat­ter and anti-mat­ter inva­ria­bly well wate­red !

poe­try can­not be only wha­te­ver evades the word :

(your extre­mi­ties have alrea­dy begun to para­lyze
the unaes­the­tic a river floo­ding you

while eve­ry­thing around you becomes cur­ved your mis­siles are para­bo­las

for you to see to say to do to make appear the final vision
that you do not have time to ins­cribe

— your dis­lod­ged self next to you dis­mayed
watches you fade away and sim­ply whis­pers :

for­give me but it’s not my fault that we are part of some other part
and that you inha­bit this naïve rea­li­ty

you bred your mys­te­ry and brought it to frui­tion”

to state it face to face would be absurd : don’t say it :
that we, poets (what we ? what poets ? be that as it may)

bear rea­li­ty ins­cri­bed in our nether parts[…]



The poems möbius, 0→1, ♪,  O2 belong to poe­try col­lec­tion Bella Boom (Publibook 2011) and have also been publi­shed in Hellenica : Novelty Within or Beyond Language : Anthology of Young Greek Poets, (Athens : Gavriilidis, 2009)