> 1940 – In the Heart of the Andes

1940 – In the Heart of the Andes

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It is ama­zing how long they last –
win­ter and Sabbath silence,
Opa=s bles­sing,
Manasse and Ephraim –
com­pa­ne­ros de mi Vida
adios Muchachos.

Andean bells in silent office
cross clan­gors swee­ping
into half remem­be­red streets
cross Chimborazo switch­backs.

How black yet sleek the engines
sil­ver the rails,
how smoke fills space,
the filling odor of bur­ning coal,
the many oranges of Riobamba,
rich pla­ta­nos,
the offe­ring of silent pon­chos, maroon and ochre,
and on the ter­race of the great Machachi church
where baroque tiers
attempt to out­face brilliant Aconcagua
where once, great Inca offe­red  bloo­dy hearts,
her black robes ruf­fled,
chill the wind from Cotopacxi,
the ancient woman screams
"Judio ! Judio!"

and Chino, my friend
in the val­ley of the Andes,
walks with me,
hands me half his Chiremoya
and only half in play,
we spit the pits of lucious fruit
in long and cheer­ful arcs
out onto the Royal road.