> A Non-Sense Adieu ?

A Non-Sense Adieu ?

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What is Visby*  without a V
Without a b
Just an isy way to be
Nothing mat­ters either

What is Visby without la vie
Without to be
Just an S in Baltic Sea
Just an S without the Ex
All the rest and all the Pre

What is Visby before me
Just a Visby vis-à-vis
That goes by
If not Me

What will Visby tend to be
Just a thought a prio­ri
That exists before I see
As the Beauty in you and me

No please,
other swee­tie words for me
Other swea­ty ways to be
It will slip as memo­ry

This land brings me
Back to see
Everywhere ber­ry-tea
“So cool conti­to­ri!”

You have to choose cate­go­ry
To be in you
Or you in me
Not just “to be or not to be”

I am dilu­ted in the sea
If not now in a short time
I´ll be a memen­to mori in eter­ni­ty
I love you and there is no way to be
You in you and me in me


*Visby is the capi­tal city of the swe­dish island Gotland in Baltic sea.