> A Ruin of Words

A Ruin of Words

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She stands amid­st
a ruin
of frigh­te­ned words.
For many nights after
she dreams of
the scat­te­ring.
A man screams
as he chases after
frag­ments of paper
white and black
wind and rain.
A train in motion
teles­copes onto itself.
Some nights after
she finds her­self
in grade two
trying to say
Round and round the rug­ged rock
the rag­ged ras­cal ran

She dreams next
of word-puzzles
that rise up as a box
and close around her throat.
Her father
has mis­laid
his ears.
Only towards mor­ning
does she glimpse
the fields
that lie open
to a green­ness
than words.


Published in Arriving Shortly (col­lec­tion of poems) Kolkata : Writers Workshop, 2011