Something calm-some­thing furious
some­thing relaxed- some­thing ten­sed
some­thing hap­py-some­thing sad
some­thing that can not
be reco­gni­sed any­more.

Something pea­ce­ful -some­thing enra­ged
some­thing­morn­ful-some­thing for­tu­nate
some­thing rich -some­thing poor
some­thing that does not need
to exist any­more.

Something appease -some­thing impri­so­ned
some­thing heal­thy-some­thing sick
some­thing light -some­thing dark
some­thing that does not need
to be present any­more.

Something ses­ni­tive-some­thing anxious
some­thing honou­red-some­thing rot­ten
some­thing  mother­ly –some­thing cat­like
some­thing that is gone
from long time ago.

That is not­ning, but our souls
that won­der in this old-fashio­ned
uni­verse from then to eter­ni­ty.