> After His Woman is Killed

After His Woman is Killed

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After His Woman is Killed, Conan the Barbarian
Goes On To Become a King by His Own Hand
With Her Spirit Guiding Him


Beautiful lipids

The mad­ness of nega­tives

Last night the tall dead

Walked the vil­lage like giants

While I shot up in a dream

Shall I make sense or shall

I tell the truth — choose either

I can­not do both.

Kind eyes, an unmade bed,

I know you are rea­ding this

As I go. I go, not quite as doc­tri­naire

As an atheist, I will bend

Someday like a reed over the bro­ken

Mosaic of a sub­urb, my home you,

Your home, me, and those who

Understand will also die.

You are the most alive thing in the world”

You too, in my world and in the other one.



[in New American Writing (2005) and in Sunny Wednesday, Wave Books, 2009]