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I want to lis­ten to the ques­tions that mind sets in the most lucid way
To dis­cern a sub­ject who controls its routes
Who is keyed up for the plan of such routes
Who lays traps inside the cou­lisses of its ques­tions
Face to such psy­cho­lo­gies is being a series of images
Or, at least this way the man in charge of assem­bling then claims
While the spool unwind, while the cart runs fas­ter than the car­ter
And we heard of the disap­point­ment of grand nar­ra­tives
So on, we have learn that words can not replace num­bers
There, too, a par­ty has been taken place coming from past
Whereas the cipher ana­lo­gies, the alike dis­tances, the dis­tances in gene­ral
              (Αre we sure that 1 is far off from 2 as much as 2 from 3 ?)
What have they taught us about this flow that we consi­der as flow
Once again, beside this, we don’t know where ideas are set­tled while we saw the mas­sive graves
What does huma­nism mean ? And what is nature’s opi­nion for this term
For all these depres­sing idio­syn­cra­sies nothing else left but some ants
And for all these ants lots have been writ­ten, that means have been point to
Who knows what things appear while they are blen­ded in this field
And, of course, there is evo­lu­tion
Nevertheless, not of  the suc­cess­ful respon­ding to the appli­ca­tion but of its wor­ding
Nevertheless, unfor­tu­na­te­ly it stands this :
Evolution does exist
Not only of the wor­ding  but of the very appli­ca­tion indeed.