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Amir Or, born in Tel Aviv in 1956, is the author of nine volumes of poe­try. His latest books in Hebrew are the fic­tio­nal epic The Song of Tahira (2001), The Museum of Time (2007) and Heart Beast (2010). His poems, trans­la­ted into more than for­ty lan­guages, have appea­red in antho­lo­gies, poe­try jour­nals, as well as in ten books in Europe and the U.S. Among them, and most recent­ly, are Poem and Day (both publi­shed by Dedalus, U.K., in 2004, and 2006, res­pec­ti­ve­ly); Plates from the Museum of Time (ArtAark, U.S., 2009); and the Spanish-English Miracle/​The Hours (Urpi Editores, U.S., 2011).

Amir Or is the reci­pient of Israeli and inter­na­tio­nal poe­try awards, inclu­ding the 2000 Pleiades Tribute (Macedonia) for having made "a signi­fi­cant contri­bu­tion to modern world poe­try." He has won the Bernstein Prize, the Fulbright Award for Writers, the Levi Eshkol Prime Minister’s Poetry Prize, as well as the Oeneumi lite­ra­ry prize of the Tetovo International Poetry Festival (2010) among others. He was also awar­ded seve­ral poe­try fel­low­ships, among them fel­low­ships from Iowa University ; the Centre of Jewish-Hebrew Studies at the University of Oxford ; the Literarische Colloquium, Berlin ; the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Ireland ; and from the Hawthornden Castle, Scotland.

Or trans­la­ted into Hebrew eight prose and poe­try books, among them The Gospel of Thomas ;  Stories from the Mahabharata ; and Limb Loosening Desire, an antho­lo­gy of ero­tic Greek poe­try. For his trans­la­tions from ancient Greek he was awar­ded the Culture Minister Prize.

In 1990 Or co-foun­ded Helicon Poetry Society and later on ser­ved as Helicon's Chief Editor and Artistic Director. He ini­tia­ted and deve­lo­ped its various pro­jects, inclu­ding Helicon's poe­try jour­nal and its series of poe­try books ; the Sha’ar" International Poetry Festival ; and the Helicon Hebrew-Arabic Poetry School.

Currently, Or serves as a natio­nal edi­tor of Atlas inter­na­tio­nal poe­try maga­zine, and as a natio­nal coor­di­na­tor for the U.N. spon­so­red UPC ven­ture, “Poets for Peace.” He is a foun­ding mem­ber of the ENCWP (European Network of Creative Writing Programs) of the inter­na­tio­nal Cirlcle of Poets and of the  WPM (World Poetry Movement).