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I will for­get about eve­ry day, sun­ny vagi­nas of Rio

and  jum­py jingles. I will for­get about eve­ry night,

dark forms, and appa­ri­tions, and sha­dows of my parents.

Everything that mat­ters and which does not mat­ter.

Everything that only just calms down. Everything which

divides things connec­ted in this double world

which is the best of all worlds, because there is no bet­ter one,

a bet­ter than the best.

Forget about eve­ry­thing — it sounds so good
like the let­ter of the impos­sible, which is sur­roun­ded

by  the pos­sible, gathe­red there to form words in order to see    

the things that are said, mel­ted like candle-wax of that some­thing

which we call memo­ry,

which  remem­bers us sole­ly as dumb tunes

on  the deaf and fri­gid face of the Moon.


Translated from Serbian by Nina Živančević