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Black Tulip

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The train stunk from chil­dren urine, the wet obso­lete clothes
the old men tang – “what kind of rin­ging was that?”. Nobody do not know
why this expul­sion now, the time that eve­ry­thing has fini­shed
and men pos­sible could be iden­ti­fied as humans,
before eye­balls get into their sockets again, why this naming
to a ges­ture that pass under cur­rent­ly not deceit but decep­tion
“Accept, taking  this black tulip the seeds of all sce­na­rios,
the bloo­ming of a limi­ted part of an ema­cia­ted future »
when pos­te­ri­ty will share the guil­ti­ness of idea­lis­tic stu­pi­di­ty with mate­ria­lis­tic stra­te­gems
“Each German has the right to car­ry one suit­case up to 50 kilos and 100 guil­ders”
I am not des­cen­dant of no par­ti­cu­lar prac­tice beside some incom­plete pre­mises
“ The lack of humor was the root of this tota­li­ta­rian regime”
The les­son lays as a consi­gn­ment, in eve­ry day exchange,
in the pon­toon mar­ket of canal Singel, next to thou­sand color­ful bulbs
there on the stalls are being deli­nea­ted the sym­bols of love and shame
“Keep warm next to your pillow the pos­si­bi­li­ty
But at the same time keep taking away the withe­red peels and insi­pid lan­guage games
Replace nouns with verbs, ins­tead of ano­ther “impa­tience” “I’m wai­ting for you”
And as much exact as can be like “I’m thin­king of you” not “I’m drea­ming you”
For time is not mere­ly limi­ted but lin­guis­tic
and in this lan­guage I’m not rea­dy yet”
On September the 15th, 1946, at 3 a.m. right in the middle of a bright light
orders reflec­ted the pro­per­ties of crys­tal
Within one hour all the ene­mies of the nation, accor­ding to the Black Tulip plan
should be rea­dy under the thre­shold of their homes
Lorries would drive them in concen­tra­tion points and in cen­tral plat­form
In the same quar­ter a lit­tle far away at n. 19 of a no name street there was an ins­crip­tion
          Vita homi­nis simi­lis navi­gante
Otherwise, someone thought inver­sed that afo­rism
          People’s trips look like life
Obviously, it didn’t always hap­pe­ned like this
Once, this as Tulip noir wor­thed 100.000 guil­ters ( !7th c.Harlem, Holland)
It would have been up to someone like Witt making it flou­rish in his land
And a Rosa set him tram­mel his chains
« While there is no depth get into this sur­face and deci­pher it
There is left no patience to culti­vate that tulip in my gar­den
There is nothing left but its sym­bo­lism that bears and that one I deli­ver it to you.”