> Bounds of the labyrinth

Bounds of the labyrinth

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Ear-shat­te­ring actions, sound­less retreats, utte­rances fused
in the silence
Everything that did not even­tuate, was spo­ken of and met with no res­ponse,
while no one nego­tia­ted over the losses.

In the book of mirages my image rico­chets off the laby­rinth.

I am an object of obser­va­tion inside the hour­glass
where the sand forms sand-dunes obs­truc­ting
my consent to be free.

I for­give you… That is all I can do inside this ambi­tious arc
whose bounds remain uncir­cum­scri­bed
and whose four sides are guar­ded by the Ecclesiast –
no, not eve­ry­thing can be futile.

How can one save up a whole lot of strength
in whose eve­ry step nestles the fear of impasse,
who is dog­ged by the whis­pe­ring
of his cowar­dice ?

You fol­low the trail pri­mal forces car­ved out
with dawn’s cruel beak
sava­ging you in the now
hol­ding on to the score of the time­line.

So, then, lis­ten to me. I was never a hun­ter of visions –
all the things I loved
first mor­ti­fied my sel­fi­sh­ness, and then set­tled inside of me.
Latched on to this unfa­tho­mable pla­net
your life is the cur­tain of your action
fier­ce­ly vouch­sa­fing the momen­tum
in the mid­st of uncer­tain­ty,
as when loo­king in the mir­ror
and all you are is that part you’d ima­gi­ned
would bear through.


Translated from Greek by Kostantinos Matsoukas