> Broken Eggs

Broken Eggs

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Shadow of the effi­gy of a uni­corn pro­bing
bur­ning shades of yolk beside a bro­ken egg
attests the vain­ness of ear­ly demise.

Failure to recoup the was­ted hours
shoots a black record in the divine court
against the flaw of the crea­tor…

Born in a land glit­te­ring with rela­tions
without bonds and fami­ly
the shell of the egg lies in ruins as
the fami­ly of rus­ted iron in a truck garage.

Stars and sun as piti­less employees
never care to snuff out their laugh for
they are tied against the thor­ny walls of hun­dred mounts
where sounds of whip from hel­lish hands
forces them on their duty.

Broken eggs as they are
will be piled in the files of Godly inves­ti­ga­tions
to be tos­sed into the vol­ca­nic mouths
of mind­less, straight-faced ser­pents.