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It isn’t for cer­tain that we can encircle with words the same
prin­ciples of rea­li­ty
And what a strange thing : not just of the fact but also of that
one which runs under­cur­rent since you invent a second pole
for eve­ry thing”
Why do we ask our­selves for motives and choices before
this romp that turns round get­ting our kids
Let’s go on then this one way direc­tion that car­ries on the
ride of our doubts
Neurophysiology was the obs­tacle of our time, the
dis­so­lu­tion of our suc­ces­sion (the release of our suc­ces­sion ?)
Here they whirl –and if they stop they will appear I told you–
the orga­nic ele­ments that gal­lop while they sleep
Lumini and Sombri
If I was in dread of some­thing, it was a third uni­den­ti­fied ver­sion.