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            "To take a homeo­pa­thic approach to the soul is to deal with the dark­ness in ways that are in tune with the dark." – Thomas Moore


It’s taken time
to rea­lise
no one sur­vives. 
Not even the ordi­na­ry.

Time to own up then
to blue throat
and gall blad­der extra­or­di­naire, 

to rages pris­tine,
guilt uns­mea­red
by medio­cri­ty, 

sepa­ra­tion trau­mas
and griefs that dare
to be pri­mor­dial. 

Time to iron out
a face cor­ru­ga­ted
by per­en­nial hope, 

time to shrug off
the har­lo­try
and admit
there’s nothing hygie­nic
about this dark­ness –
no pot­ted palms,
no ele­va­tor music.  

I erupt from pillars,
half-lion half-woman. 

The floor space index I demand
is nothing short
of epic. 

I still wait some­times
for a fli­cker of reve­la­tion 
but for the most part
I’m unbri­bable. 

When I open the cof­fee per­co­la­tor
the roof flies off.