> Cosmeticity


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I stand in the middle of a play­ground
And the players move around me
I look at them and sigh
Do they even rea­lize that they’re aging ?
They are busy trying
A futile attempt to win
They have rules made by them
They have defi­ned hap­pi­ness too
They want to mas­ter the uncon­que­rable
All the while being slaves them­selves
They run in a circle
Believing that there is an end
I can­not stop my laugh­ter
Neither can the birds in the sky
They are the domi­noes
Who are control­led not by them­selves
They live in a cos­me­tic city
A city in their minds
My feve­rish hands call out
But they pay me no heed
I am, after all, one of them