> Death and Malevolence

Death and Malevolence

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Luscious som­no­lence is sum­mo­ning me,
The doors of per­cep­tion lie ajar.
Villainies of this bed­lam now seem,
A deli­rium I've been living in,
Death ! O Death ! Thou art bewit­ching…
The har­bin­gers of this mali­cious night,
The span­gled sky is blea­ry,
Clouds that speak of thun­der,
And wrath, obs­cure my vision,
That which lies latent,
In the laby­rinths of the unper­cei­ved…
Sibilance in my ears, I shall cease to exist,
After many a blots and shots down my wrist.
To plea­sant reve­ries I'm drif­ting,
Whimsical are they who beckon,
It 'see­meth', what is in Death,
Is not in this Life for ever­more,
So I implore thee, O Mortality !
Consume me, let me mor­ti­fy !
Why should this mor­tal fear Death ?
There's no rea­son, for tout le monde,
Is mar­ching towards the grave,
Let no requiems be sung,
Slash I those very veins,
That which car­ry my cerise warmth,
And this warmth, my bes­to­wal upon thee,
For the respite, I vaga­ry,
As this ves­sel  fades into obli­vion,
Fathomable ? Not that I know,
Thy grim coun­te­nance is in sight,
Blissfully I embrace thee…