If on this pla­net
The secret of life had never been born
If evo­lu­tion hadn't yiel­ded huma­ni­ty
If the Trojans had refu­sed to accept
The gift of Greeks
And Brutus hadn't joi­ned the conspi­ra­cy
To kill Caesar
If Pilate hadn't condem­ned Christ
And Henry the Eighth wasn't taken with Ann Boleyn
If the Church hadn't bur­ned Giordano Bruno
And the sword of Laertes wasn't poi­so­ned
If Columbus hadn't sear­ched for India in the west
And de Grouchy's army wasn't late at Waterloo
If Hitler never had his cra­zy ideas
And com­mu­nism had never become a sui­ci­dal mons­ter
If men hadn't des­troyed the pla­net on which they live
And nations were never divi­ded
By reli­gion, eth­ni­ci­ty and money
If you hadn't said "yes" to me
On that bles­sed ear­ly day
All in this world would have chan­ged
And someone else
Different from me
Would be sin­ging this song