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Dimitra Kotoula stu­died Archaeology and History of Art at the Universities of Ioannina, Greece, the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and the Dumbarton Oaks Centre of the Harvard University, Washington D.C. Her first book of poe­try (Three Notes for a Melody) appea­red in 2004. She has trans­la­ted, among others, selec­ted poems by Louise Glück, Jorie Graham and Sharon Olds, has been invi­ted and par­ti­ci­pa­ted in various lite­ra­ry fes­ti­vals such as the poe­sie­fes­ti­val (Berlin 2010). Her poe­try and trans­la­tions have been publi­shed in various poe­try antho­lo­gies and jour­nals. Her poe­try has been trans­la­ted in English, German, Italian, Croatian and Serbian. She lives and works in Athens.



On-line samples of her work can be found at :

www​.lyrik​line​.org (under Dimitra Kotoula, on-line publi­ca­tion of the poems pre­sen­ted to the Berlin Poetry Festival, June 2010)

www​.agon​ca​so​pis​.com (vol. 11/Nov.Dec. 2010)

www​.poe​ti​ca​net​.com (vol. 1/​April 2006 and vol. 12/​April 2010)

www​.greek​poe​try​now​.com (under Dimitra Kotoula)