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Elisa Biagini lives in Florence, Italy after having taught and stu­died in the U.S. for seve­ral years. Her poems have been publi­shed in seve­ral Italian and American reviews and antho­lo­gies. She has publi­shed 6 poe­try col­lec­tions- some bili­gual- such as “L’Ospite”, (Einaudi, 2004), “Fiato. parole per musi­ca” (2006) and “Nel Bosco” (Einaudi, 2007). Her poems have been trans­la­ted into English, German, Spanish, Portoguese, French, Croatian, Japanese, Slovak, Arabic, Serbian, Chinese and Russian and she has been invi­ted to impor­tant poe­try fes­ti­vals such as : “Stanza-Scotland’s International Poetry Festival”, St.Andrews, Scotland ; “Dubai International Poetry Festival”, UAE ; “poe­sie­fes­ti­val­ber­lin”, Berlino ; International Writers Workshop, Hong Kong, “Struga Poetry eve­nings”, Struga, Macedonia, “Poetry Parnassus”, London, England. She has trans­la­ted seve­ral contem­po­ra­ry American poets for reviews, antho­lo­gies and com­plete col­lec­tions (“Nuovi Poeti Americani” Einaudi, 2006) and she teaches Creative Writing-Poetry, Travel Writing, Literature and Art History in Italy and abroad. Along with her work as a poet, Elisa has pre­sen­ted seve­ral ins­tal­la­tion pro­jects in rele­vant art spaces and has col­la­bo­ra­ted with musi­cians, artists and cho­reo­gra­phers