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Let’s go out to the field

            where blood is drizz­ling sizz­ling

                        on the snow white bright

                                   on the snow glas­sy glos­sy


blood hur­ries and scur­ries

                        the throat hisses

                                   the hand misses

blood is lea­king

            the hand is see­king

                        the nails are scrat­ching

            the brain is ret­ching

the soul is oozing

            the eyes are snoo­zing


the nerve win­ced

            the meat is min­ced


We are slaugh­te­ring us live­ly :

he killed my bro­ther and father

i killed rather his mother

he killed my cat­tle in one rat­tle

he jibed with my tribe

with his name i did the same

he fol­lo­wed the taints

and cur­sed my saints


Drill to kill

                        kill and thrill

                                               mur­der fur­ther

                                                                       slay and flay

                                                                                               che­rish to per­ish


By hook or by crook

an eye for an I

shove the dove

leave the olive

and thou shalt

       thou shalt

       thou shalt

thou shalt sho­vel thy neigh­bour

as thy­self