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From the side of the world

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From the side of the world where I come from
When people are hun­gry
They say let's eat bread
They honor their friends at the head of the table
Betraying them when they need to

If they love you
Never be sure it will last
If they hate you
Only the grave is your sal­va­tion
If they don't kill you when you open­ly blame them
Then can always wait until your back is tur­ned

They never want to see you
Become bet­ter than them
And their own free­dom
Is another's sla­ve­ry

They love beau­ty
But seek it only for them­selves
Even when it isn't theirs
They work har­der abroad
Than in their own coun­try
Drinking and smo­king
Slicing and dicing eve­ry­thing
In eru­dite speech

Every mor­ning they create gods
And des­troy them in the eve­ning
And what beau­ti­ful dreams
They have for their chil­dren

With a single shout
You can make them fol­low you
They'll flash you the vic­to­ry sign
And bring you down sud­den­ly
No one wants to be a simple sol­dier
In an all-com­man­der army

Their sad­ness
is the muezzin's call at sun­set
Their hap­pi­ness
a church bell shi­ning on Sunday
They don't unders­tand
Why they feel that way
They see life as trouble
And living like a hea­vy bur­den
But their lyrics are unli­mi­ted
Their cra­zy bra­ve­ry has a touch of fear
And each of them has a touch of genius

From that side of the world I come from
Men arri­ved late
To tame the ani­mals that lived among them