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GAO HONGBO was born in Inner Mongolia in 1951. Nationalized in China. He has been suc­ces­si­ve­ly edi­tor of the lite­ra­ry and arts edi­tor of the poe­try maga­zine and direc­tor of crea­tive wri­ting depart­ment of the China Association of Writers, to which it belongs since 1984 and which is cur­rent­ly its secre­ta­ry. Began publi­shing his wri­ting in 1971 and has since publi­shed 14 antho­lo­gies of poems for chil­dren, 23 selec­tions of his essays, fai­ry tales and 7 two antho­lo­gies cri­ti­cism. It is one of the most famous and repre­sen­ta­tive poets of modern Chinese lite­ra­ry circles. The style of his poe­try is vivid and vigo­rous, full of grace and humor, dee­ply in love with the crea­tion of poems for chil­dren, many of them have been incor­po­ra­ted into text­books in high school. The poet is a spe­cia­list in fin­ding an inter­es­ting visual angle from the point of view of chil­dren, who shows a deep love in a relaxed, active and humo­rous atmos­phere. In rea­ding his poe­try, we can not stop smi­ling, accom­pa­nied by a quiet time, wit­ty, inven­tive and a bit­ter fee­ling.
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