Gerry van der Linden‘s (1952, Eindhoven, The Netherlands) first poe­try­book The Note was publi­shed in 1978. The cri­tics wrote : young, fresh poe­try with a vune­rable, phi­lo­so­phi­cal touch. Overwhelmed by the atten­tion she left for the USA and star­ted living and wor­king in New York and San Francisco for four years. She trans­la­ted and read her poe­try with Alan Ginsberg at the Stanford University, California, in 1979. Her second poe­try­book came out in 1990 ;  Fall on the edge and contains intri­ging poe­try of life and death in a sharp, pas­sio­nate, though play­full lan­guage. She is also a prose wri­ter. In 1992 she wrote her first novel­la Envelop and in 1995 the novel Wind, a coming to age novel which start­led the cri­tics by its unu­sual struc­ture, a life sto­ry writ­ten in dif­ferent style’s of prose and poe­try. Nowadays she’s wor­king on new poe­try that will be publi­shed in 2014.


Publications : 9 poe­try­books, 3 novels

1978 poe­try : The Note, 1990 poe­try Fall on the edge, 1992 novel­la : Envelop,
1993 poe­try : At my hand of fea­thers, 1995 novel : Wind, 1997 poe­try : Sandglass, 1999 poe­try tale/​with cd : The girl Lila and the Signs of Time, 2000 novel : Dagger, 2001 poe­try : Way out, 2004 poe­try : Good people, 2007 poe­try : Coat of glass. (nomi­na­ted for the Brabant Price of Literature, Brabantse Prijs der Letteren 2009), 2012 Poetry What hap­pi­ness.

Gerry van der Linden was for three years a mem­ber of the board of the Dutch PEN (inter­na­tio­nal orga­ni­za­tion of Poets, Essaysists, Novelists), teaches Poetry and Creative Writing at the illus­trious Amsterdam School of Writing and is a per­so­nal coach/​mentor for upco­ming poets and wri­ters. She also works as a visual artist, makes col­lages and creates ins­tal­la­tions of left over mate­rial.

She is a wel­come guest on inter­na­tio­nal poe­try mee­tings. Therefore her lite­ra­ry work is trans­la­ted into English, German, French, Turkish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian and Indonesian lan­guage. She is a res­pec­ted, well-known poet and nove­list in and out of Holland. Website www​.ger​ry​van​der​lin​den​.nl