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Giorgos Hantzis was born in Athens in 1972. He stu­died Philosophy (ΜΑ, Universtiy of Athens) and English Literary Translation (European Center for the trans­la­tion of Literature). Currently he stu­dies Aesthetics and Neo-Pragmatism for his Phd dis­ser­ta­tion. He has writ­ten poe­try cri­ti­cism for the dai­ly paper Eleftheros Tipos the poe­try jour­nal Poiisi [Poetry ]. The last two years (2010-2012) he has been wri­ting cri­ti­cism for dai­ly paper Εleftherotypia and poe­try jour­nal Poiitiki [Poetics] and he often publishes essays on poe­tics. From 2006-2009 he direc­ted the Contemporary poe­try rea­dings semi­nar series in Athens at the Dasein cafe, during which greek poets dis­cuss poe­try  theo­ry and read their unpu­bli­shed work. He now par­ti­ci­pates in Poetry Now a poets col­lec­tive, which directs, conti­nues, and expands the same pro­ject. His poe­try has been publi­shed in : Karaoke Poetry Bar, ed. Futura, Athens 2007, Noveltly Within or Beyond Language, Contemporary Anthology of young greek poets, ed.Gavriilidis Athens 2009. His has trans­la­ted poems of the American poet A.R. Ammons. His new book of poe­try  is Bella Boom (Publibook, 2011). He works as tea­cher. He is mar­ried and he has two kids.