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Gökçenur Çelebioğlu was born in Istanbul in 1971 and spent his child­hood in a num­ber of Turkish cities. He gra­dua­ted Istanbul Technical Univercity Electrical Engineering Faculty and has a Master's degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University.

He star­ted publi­shing his poems in Turkish maga­zines since 1990 and his first col­lec­tion Handbook of Every Book came out in 2006 and second one Rest of the Words in 2010. Both books are publi­shed by Yitik Ülke (Lost Land) Publishing House. His third book “The Only Way of Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds at Once” is publi­shed by I Libri Del Merlo publi­shing house in 2011, in Italy. His fourth book which contains his selec­ted poems “U Svetu Smo Mı, U Svetu Su Rečı, Ovde Je Sve Tako Savršeno” (We are in the World So Are Words, How Nice Everyone’s Here) is publi­shed by Treci Trg Publishing House, in 2012 in Serbia . Same year his fifth book “With So Many Words On Your Back” is publi­shed by by Yitik Ülke (Lost Land) Publishing House.

He has atten­ded seve­ral poe­try and trans­la­tion work­shops and fes­ti­vals in Riga, Vilnius, Istanbul, Athens, Tel-Aviv, Belgrade, Lodeve, Sofia, Zagreb and Cunda. His poems have been trans­la­ted to English, German, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Occitane and Hebrew and publi­shed in lite­ra­ry maga­zines.

He has trans­la­ted Wallace Stevens, Paul Auster and a modern Japanese hai­ku antho­lo­gy into Turkish, and is cur­rent­ly pre­pa­ring an antho­lo­gy of modern American poe­try.

He is the prime mover and co-direc­tor of Word Express (www​.word​-express​.org)

His pen name is Gökçenur Ç.