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How Some Hindus Find…

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How Some Hindus Find Their Personal Gods


(for AS who won­ders about ish­ta dev­tas)


It’s about lear­ning to trust
the tug
that draws you to a sha­do­wed alcove
in your life, undis­tur­bed
by foot­fall
and but­ter lamps

a blue dark cool­ness
where you find him
wai­ting patient­ly
that per­fect minor dei­ty –

shy, crum­bly,
oven-fresh, just a lit­tle
wry, content to play a cameo
in everyone’s life but your own.

A god who looks
like he could unders­tand
errors in trans­la­tion
bliz­zards on the screen
lapses in memo­ry

who might even learn by rote
the fury
the wheeze
the Pali,
the pid­gin,
the gna­shing mixer-grin­der
the awk­ward Remington stut­ter
of your heart,
who could make them his own.

After that you can set­tle for none other.