> Illusive Stones

Illusive Stones

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Shining stones, untur­ned for cen­tu­ries
twists fixed parts
heads out of the waters to a mal­for­med world.

Waterborne wafts,
same as the time without civi­li­za­tions ;
a respite for the uns­po­ken lives
retur­ning from hiber­na­tion.

Stuck in the roots and under­ground cur­rents,
feet­less stones budge
devoid of signi­fi­cance.

Bikers and dri­vers race beside the stur­dy high­way-
eyes and head fixed in fashion
minds grip­ped in hard bea­ting head­phones.

A bel­lo­wing cow sha­king its horns,
res­t­less on its feet
breaks the vision of a tou­rist
the wit­ness to the pic­ture dri­ven sto­ry

as buf­fa­los move out of the ancient stones
and trem­bling waters.