> Integrating the Shadow

Integrating the Shadow

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I was a bird in the hand of God.

I was two in the bush,

the yin to my own yang, yang to yin,
drin­king gin on the porch at mid­night,
or other­wise drin­king tea – you see

how it is – Bach on Tuesdays – Thursdays
acid rock, tie-dyed t-shirts and jeans.
Mornings I fed the nee­dy and bles­sed
their souls with sti­cky kisses.
I sang to them and lotio­ned their feet
with lilac cream and pep­per­mint oil,
hum­bled by their pover­ty, ins­pi­red
by the way they got out of bed
without ciga­rettes or cof­fee.
Afternoons I cur­sed their lazy
asses and step­ped over them
in the streets on my way to the pub
see­king a lit­tle warmth or a quiet cor­ner
in which to pon­der the impli­ca­tion
of lips on brass, to dance, unmo­les­ted,
with my own sha­dow, which was my worst ene­my,
and, conspi­cuous­ly, my only friend.

I was a bird in the hand of God.

I was two in the bush.

I was a pair of white pants in a drive
by pud­dle splash, a drunk with beer down
the front of my shirt. I was ket­chup
on my own sleeve, a rash on an other­wise
clear face, a tain­ted, defi­led disas­ter,
stai­ned by life, soi­led and damn near effa­ced
by that often unre­co­gni­zable pranks­ter,
my trou­ble­ma­ker, my dop­pel­gan­ger,
that sau­cy vamp, grace.