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Iran 1980

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Forgotten mar­tyrs of war
cru­shed under repea­ted strikes
lay fro­zen behind the pho­to
of Iran 1980…

Behind the Iranian emblem
of Khorramshahr
car­ni­vo­rous tanks
like a spit­ting cobra
shoot out venom to
mark the doom of ano­ther empire.

Evolution pau­sed by a bul­let rain
unleashes the mid­night shi­ver
to crawl, brawl and ruin
gen­ders without dis­cri­mi­na­tion.

The mea­ning of cele­bra­tion
was occa­sio­nal smiles
fea­tu­ring burnt teeth
expo­sing bla­cke­ned tongue
which can no more crack jokes
but scream
in rival­ry with roa­ring fires.

A rough pic­ture caves in his­to­ry
like sca­ven­gers eating inside the motion­less
back­drop of a vain triumph.


*Khorramshahr : City in Iran