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In 2006, Jesse Shipway recei­ved a PhD in English and Cultural Studies from the University of Tasmania for his still unpu­bli­shed dis­ser­ta­tion, Scars on the Archive, Visions of Place : Genocide and Modernity in Tasmania.

He has since focus­sed on poe­try and has had work publi­shed in a range of mar­kets inclu­ding Island, Eureka Street, Wood S Lot, The Page, Mudlark, Cultural Studies Review, Westerly (July 2012), Beard of Bees and Islet.

He is cur­rent­ly an Honorary Research Fellow in Sociology and Social Work at UTAS. Since 2008, Jesse has publi­shed the inter­na­tio­nal lit site Anastomoo (http://​www​.anas​to​moo​.com).