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John Watson

                      Is the author of A First Reader (Five Islands Press,2003), Montale : A Biographical Anthology (Puncher and Wattmann, 2006), Erasure Traces (Puncher and Wattmann, 2008), Views from Mt Brogden & A Dictionary of Minor Poets (Puncher and Wattmann, 2008), River Syllabics, (Picaro Press, 2009) and Four Refrains, (Picaro Press, 2011), Occam’s Aftershave (Puncher and Wattmann, 2012) The Tale of Gawain, (Picaro Press, 2012), Three Obituaries, (Picaro Press, 2012), Louise, (Picaro Press, 2012) Olivia by Olivia, (Picaro Press, 2012),   70 Sketches, (Picaro Press, 2012).


                   Newcastle Poetry Prize 2002
                   Blake Prize for Poetry 2009
                   Bruce Dawe Poetry Prize 2012
                   Josephine Ulrick Prize 2014

  He pre­sent­ly lives in the Blue Mountains of NSW.