> Joy-Riding Over an Eclipse

Joy-Riding Over an Eclipse

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for Hannah


And now we are
Over an eclipse !

In the rhom­bus
Of moon­light,
In the insis­tence

Of the sun,
We are not tri­cked
Into seeing

Our com­pla­cen­cy.
You will walk
Through the sha­dows

Of vowels.
You will step
Into the shoes

Of the dead
For awhile.
Your lit­tle house

Of a slee­ping
Faerie gar­den
Will open into

Words, and you
Will stretch
Forth your hand

To take some
Of them with you
While you leave

The rest behind,
Like an old thea­ter
That plays your

Favorite movie,
Which snaps like
A news­reel

And tangles into piles
You pick up
And car­ry with

You, straight into
The har­vest moon
On the hori­zon
Of your sleep.