> Late February

Late February

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This day light see-saws,
shif­ting cool-cen­te­red pearl
to sil­ver.
This day,
warm orange
etches sha­dows
over the bloo­ming stone.

on 94th street ;
tough city syca­mores
consi­der buds,
and the black cram­ping arc
of winter's hag­gi­sh­ness.

Rooted in rivers
the mild and cra­nial sky
grows large,
lifts edge to cen­ter,
embraces the silent cir­rus liga­tures
that mir­ror the cold cra­cking
of the river noon.          

The sky just blows away.

Far down the block,
Peter, my friend,
head tip­ped toward the rooves,
to the fine braw­ling song
cas­ca­ding down
of spar­rows in the eaves.