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Long reach river

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for my father


I watch you sit­ting there,
eyes clo­sed, not slee­ping.
You have retur­ned to those maple hil­ls
where the Susquehanna River flows.

You see the woo­den steps you clea­red of snow,
the gap beneath for win­ter wood,
the slee­py porch, your mother rocking babies,
hear the old jalo­py wea­ving home
from the speak-easy.

Smiling, you remem­ber a young kid kick
a tin can down the dus­ty track to town,
jump aboard the spin­ning carou­sel
car­ved white horses, gem­stone eyes.

And you remem­ber how you ran
the night your mother died,
first for the doc­tor then the priest,
tied a tour­ni­quet around your grief,
a swol­len river rising, kept on run­ning.