> Macabria (allegro)

Macabria (allegro)

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We’re loo­king for the dead
at ceme­te­ries where they never tread
in silent churches where under migh­ty bells
even God him­self hard­ly ever dwells
we’re loo­king for the dead
in rooms among their clothes
in the attics in the war­drobes
where the sha­dow pain­ted like a lace
forms on the wall a cer­tain­ly known face
and the wind whee­zing through the door
is pan­ting alive like a woun­ded boar
and it smells fur­ther­more
in dreams where even when they come
it’s a bit­ter mash
full of sweet­ly trash
we’re loo­king for the dead
in a stran­ger behind our feet
(and per­haps under his dis­guise
he’ll touch us fast
and we’ll see at last
the beau­ti­ful dead eyes)
like on pic­tures
where there remai­ned chai­ned
fos­si­li­zed smiles and numb eyes
the past glow
all cemen­ted moments in a row
we’re loo­king for the dead
in won­der­ful theo­ries
of rein­car­na­tion
in ter­rible hope of clones
in all those constant drones
we’re loo­king for the dead
we’re loo­king
we’re loo­king