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      Maja Herman-Sekulić (aka Maya Herman) is an inter­na­tio­nal­ly publi­shed Serbian author of 11 books. She is also edi­tor , trans­la­tor and a world tra­ve­ler. In 2011, she has publi­shed 2 new books : Digitalna Galaksija (Digital Galaxy), a book of micro essays about the tran­si­tion from print to digi­tal books ; and a novel U potra­zi za Lolitom (Looking for Lolita), cur­rent­ly in pre­pa­ra­tion in English. 

     Her pre­vious novel Slike kojh nema (Pictures not Taken), publi­shed in Belgrade in 2009, was sold out and short lis­ted for a major lite­ra­ry award, as was her first novel Kralj svile (2000), publi­shed in English under the name of Maya Herman as In Search of the Silk King, and is now avai­lable also as an E-book.

           Maya Herman’s book of tra­vel essays about Southeast Asia, The Jade Window, was first publi­shed in Bangkok in 1998, and repu­bli­shed  in Serbian, to a great cri­ti­cal and popu­lar acclaim which contri­bu­ted to it beco­ming a best­sel­ler in 2000.  In 2000 she also publi­shed in English a sto­ry for chil­dren Lazar, the Lizard in a Blizzard (Waldo Tribune, Southampton), and was a contri­bu­tor to Skin by Laurent Elie Badessi (Edition Stemmle, Zurich – New York).

         Her poem Out of the Waste Land /​Iz puste zemlje, Belgrade, came out as a bilin­gual English & Serbo-Croatian edi­tion in1998, and her doc­to­ral the­sis defen­ded at Princeton, The Fall of Hyperbaton, UMI, Ann Arbor, came out in English in 1986. Her three books of poe­try  Iz muze­ja lutan­ja, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad,1997,  Kartografija, Kov, Vrsac, 1992, and Kamerografija, Sfairos, Belgrade,1990, as well as her two books of lite­ra­ry essays :  Skice za por­trete, Decje novine, Belgrade, 1992, i Knjizevnost pres­tu­pa, Matica Srpska, 1994, were publi­shed in then Yugoslavia to a cri­ti­cal acclaim. Fragments from all her books were publi­shed in English and other lan­guages. Recent publi­ca­tions of her poems in English include : North Dakota Quarterly, "Out of Yugoslavia" antho­lo­gy, UND, Grand Forks, 1993;The Paris Review, New York, 1992 ; The Printed Matter, Tokyo, 1992 ; Confrontation, LIU, 1991 ; in German, antho­lo­gy Das Buch der Rånder Lyrik, Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt – Salzburg, 1995.

      Maja Herman Sekulić is acti­ve­ly invol­ved in edi­ting and trans­la­ting. She was the edi­tor of an antho­lo­gy of modern Yugoslav poe­try (Micromegas, Iowa, 1985) that was prai­sed by cri­tics ; her trans­la­tions of Yugoslav poets were inclu­ded in five poe­try antho­lo­gies in English. She her­self edi­ted and trans­la­ted a num­ber of books by major American ( R. Carver, B.E.Ellis) and inter­na­tio­nal authors (S. Maugham) inclu­ding four Nobel Laureates (J. Brodsky, S. Bellow, P.White); she edi­ted and trans­la­ted into Serbo-Croatian a major col­lec­tion of Wallace Stevens' poems (Pismo, 1995).

      Maja Herman Sekulić is also a regu­lar contri­bu­tor to major Yugoslav publi­ca­tions. She made a Serbian adap­ta­tion of Rebecca West’s life to be pro­du­ced in Belgrade.

     She recei­ved her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Princeton in 1986. She taught at Princeton University (1985-9), and as a visi­ting Fulbright scho­lar at Rutgers University (1982-4).  She is a mem­ber of the International and the American P.E.N., and the International Federation of Journalists Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, she was schoo­led in the US, England, Italy and France. She spent 1990-91 in Germany, and 1992-7 in the Far East. Nowadays, she shares her time bet­ween New York and Belgrade, and writes in both English and Serbo-Croatian.