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Manuscript Found …

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Manuscript Found in a Dead Man’s Pocket


I, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, a des­ti­tute student in St. Petersburg, dreamt about a pitch-dark stair­way that des­cen­ded to the bowels of the earth, I dreamt of thou­sands of spi­ders spin­ning their cob­web in aban­do­ned ware­houses, I saw myself stan­ding in front of a dis­tor­ted mir­ror, the ax sus­pen­ded in mid-air for an ins­tant, sava­ge­ly stri­king the old tree trunk and the old lady’s blood­shot eyes fla­shing in the dark. This world can­not be made in God’s image, com­pas­sion will never exist, and all huma­ni­ty is nothing more or less than a grue­some dance of demons.



Translated from Greek by Richard Pierce