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Marija Midzovic (1960. Belgrade, Serbia) publi­shed two books of poe­try "Belgradska siro­ti­ca" (Gradac, 1997.) and "Poludragi" (Gradac, 2010.) Contributor in antho­lo­gy of modern Serbian poe­try "Cats don't go to hea­ven", (B92 ; 1998.) Anthology of the contem­po­ra­ry Serbian poe­try 1988-2008."From museum of sounds", ( VBZ, Zagreb, 2009) ; Anthology of a Serbian love poe­try,( Zillion, 2012.Beograd). Poetry also contri­bu­ted in Polish Anthology of Contemporary Literature in : Polish Quarterly Pobocza NR : 26-29 and Slovenian repre­sen­ta­tion of modern Serbian poe­try, in Slovenian month­ly lite­ra­ry Apokalipsa, issue 91/​92, Slovenia.

Her entire poe­tic opus so far counts not more then 50 poems and almost each of her poems ended up in an antho­lo­gy.

She has been journalist/​editor of book sec­tion for almost 3 decades . Chairwoman of Journalistic Society of Cultural Columnists 1994-2002. A mem­ber of Serbian Writers Association (SKD) since 2000. Editor-in-chief Literary maga­zine, run by Serbian writer's asc.(SKD) 2009-2010. As an edi­tor and author com­ple­ted publi­ca­tion on doping as cultu­ral and sport phe­no­me­na (publi­sher Anti-doping agen­cy of Republic of Serbia, 2009).

Marija Midzovic also writes prose. Contributor Nova Srpska OFF i SF pri­ca, antho­lo­gy of contem­po­ra­ry Serbian science-fic­tion prose ,Alexandria press, Belgrade.2000.

Her col­lec­tion of short sto­ries "How to find, sur­vive and get rid of a NATO boy­friend" will be publi­shed soon in Serbian.