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In the last two decades Miodrag has lived in Serbia, Canada, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Mainland China, and Macau — on scho­lar­ships, doing field­work, wor­king as a maga­zine colum­nist ; coor­di­na­tor of an NGO ; lec­tu­rer of cultu­ral stu­dies at one uni­ver­si­ty, of queer stu­dies at ano­ther, and public spea­king tech­niques at yet ano­ther ; trans­la­tor of rhy­med poe­try ; a voice on a phone sex line, tea­cher of lite­ra­ture in two high schools ; mar­ket resear­cher ; simul­ta­neous inter­pre­ter of three embas­sies ; radio host ; sex club atten­dant ; and what­not. He speaks seven lan­guages fluent­ly and reads in ano­ther eigh­teen, and his wri­ting has appea­red in print in 8 of those lan­guages, in 15 coun­tries of North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.